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Dr. K. F. Dobbs


Dr. K.F.Dobbs is a New Testament pioneer who has been called by God to evoke his church to walk in the likeness of God and Image of Christ. She is a refreshing voice of wisdom, sobriety and biblical integrity. She is a gifted leader whose message touches the whole spectrum of Christian life. Dr. Dobbs has been graced by God to touch some of the darkest places on earth. Her hearts passion is to minister to and raise up the modern lepers of our society locked out by religious traditions and legalistic superstitions. Her gifting is both apostolic and teaching. Her cutting edge word brings people from all walks of life into both the raw love of God and a hunger to walk in uncompromising devotion to his purposes. She has had the opportunity to travel sharing the grace of God given to her. As a counselor and spiritual mother, she pours her life into leaders as they pull from the revelation of Gods words and ways that comes from her. Her life’s motto is “I became all things, to all men, that I might win some.”
Dr. Dobbs has made it a personal commitment to call the church out of prayerlessness and apathy into a fruitful walk of intimacy, power and love. Dr.Dobbs was ordained into the ministry by apostolic pioneer Pastor Michael Bacon. Prior to entering the ministry Dr. Dobbs's professional background included medical and business Dr. Dobbs is the Director of T.W.F. a teaching and outreach organization dedicated to the healing of the whole man through the word of God.


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